About us

The members of ENSHPO are professional Occupational Safety and Health organisations based in Europe. The representatives meet at least once a year in a 'Network Assembly' to develop the network.

An Executive Committee made up of a chair, vice chairs and a treasurer work alongside the secretariat for the day-to-day management of ENSHPO.


Bruce Phillips - Chair


Sergio Miguel - Vice Chair and Treasurer



Doytchin Doychev - Vice Chair


Giancarlo Bianchi - Vice Chair


Ralf Gierke - Vice Chair


Laurence Dufour - Secretariat


The Chair of the Certification Committee (CeC) is Claudio Munforti.


Also on the CeC is:


Mireya Rifa Fabregat

Rui Melo


Denise Johnson



Athos Charalambous




See the full list of our members here.