Who we are, our Mission & Vision

Who we are

ENSHPO is the European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organizations, and now with the ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION at work, as a new field. ENSHPO was established in 2001 under the umbrella of the European Agency for Health and Safety at work (EU-OSHA). Our scope of action is at European level, encompassing all the countries that make up the continent. Thereby with an international view, that makes us be part of several international networks.

Mission & Vision


Provide qualified reference to OSH professional Organizations, to be stakeholder for EU regulators, to foster cooperation between European Heath and Safety Organizations


ENSHPO is the leading voice of EHS professionals in Europe to promote safety, health and environment protection at work and engage with decision makers and regulators.


We’re proud of the high ethical and governance standards to which we hold our members and organization.


The ENSHPO is composed of a management board and several departments that are led by different organizations


The core of the ENSHPO management is established through the Management Board that has 3 seats:

  • President
  • Deputy Chair
  • Treasure

The current members of the Management Board are

President: Mr. Ralf Giercke

Deputy Chair: Mr. Claudio Munforti

Treasure: Mrs. Mireya Rifá Fabregat


In order to make our network more efficient and effective, and to make the interaction between our members more fluid, regional networks have been set up among our members, with the common basis of belonging to a European geographical area.

This is how the regional networks are shaped:






  • Ensure participation from all OSH professional organizations & represent them in Europe
  • Co-operate with other relevant institutions, organizations, federations, etc. especially the ones dealing with Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development
  • Dialogue with & influence European institutions, national & international authorities
  • Act as a forum where information, experience and good EHS practices at work can be exchanged
  • Exchange information on topics such as:
  • The role & needs of the safety, and health professional with an approach integrating Environment protection and Sustainable development at workplace
  • The identification of common objectives
  • Training issues
  • Good practices
  • Develop European-wide recognition of OSH/EHS professional qualifications and training by:
  • Organizing seminars & events
  • Organizing workplace study visits
  • Developing an European Certification Standard


  • Code of Conduct
  • Good Practice cases
  • Official presence at the European Agency EU-OSHA Campaigns
  • Development of an ENSHPO European Certification Standard (EurOSHM)
  • Training & Education working party
  • Presence at the A+A conference & exhibition Düsseldorf Germany
  • Presence at the World Congress of Health and Safety
  • Presence in several Seminars, Congress, etc at international level
  • Coordinating Committee meeting twice a year