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Our goal is to bring together all EHS professionals in our network. We are the leading voice of the EHS professionals, and to all those who consider the EHS the professional´s motto in their institutions, companies and/or entities.

ENSHPO is open to everyone, because we know that only by joining forces and working together can we achieve our goals.

Being a member of ENSHPO offers you a world of possibilities, such as being updated on all EHS matters relating to regulations and policies, emerging risks, new partnerships, the state of the labour markets, surveys, studies, research, a space where you can share good practices, participate in international projects, be an active part of international networks for the exchange of knowledge… an endless number of opportunities that will make you grow in your professional activity.

Are you going to miss it?


National EHS Associations around Europe:

A National representative Association per each European country will be part an official ENSHPO member. They will have the status of an official member. They will have the right to vote in the general Assembly.

Sponsoring Members:

They can be individuals or bodies that promise support for ENSHPO´s interests. They types of sponsoring members are:

  • Those whose high level expertise is usually needed for a particular purpose at ENSHPO or can provide a significant professional contribution to the Network
  • International Members: Any international professional organization or network that shares a mutual interest with ENSHPO
  • Professional Members: Universities, Public National Institutes, Public Organizations and any other entity in the field of Environment, Health and Safety
  • Companies and enterprises that in the field of Environment, Health and Safety, or which has integrated EHS as a part of their philosophy.


ENSHPO is so glad to welcome everyone for being a Member, so that our registration process is easy and quick.

The requirements for membership of ENSHPO are:

  • Submit a signed ENSHPO Membership Application Form:
    This signed ENSHPO Membership Application Form shall go through by the ENSHPO Secretariat. The approval needs to be agreed by the ENSHPO MB.
  • Sign our Conduct Code
  • Pay the annual membership fee

All ENSHPO members, regardless of type of membership, are requested to share and actively promote the objectives and goals of ENSHPO, whose main aim is to achieve better places to work.

  • Nº members in your organization
  • Over 10.000
  • 10.000 – 5.000
  • 5.000 – 2.000
  • 2.000 – 500
  • Less than 500
  • Yearly Fee to pay
  • 7.500 €
  • 2.500 €
  • 1.000 €
  • 500 €
  • 300 €