Last February 11, we had a new ENSHPO members Meeting. It dealt with issues such as; our collaboration with other European institutions, the admission of new sponsor members, the launch of the Find your neighbour association program, the presentation of our new Secretary and other very relevant issues that we will report on later.
We cannot be more grateful from the outset of our members and the professionals who represent them. Thank you for your commitment and collaboration.

Ralf Giercke – VDSI / President ENSHPO

Claudio Munforti – AIAS / Italy

Mireya Rifa – AEPSAL / Spain

Rudolf Géczi – MMA / Hungary

Anders Kabel – AM-PRO / Denmark

Alison van Keulen – IOSH / UK

Rui Melo – SPOSHO / Portugal

Francesco Santi – AIAS / President AIAS

Georgios Florides – CySHA / Cyprus

Demetris Titas – CySHA / Cyprus

Frank Laferla – MOSHPA / Malta

Davide Fagnani – AIAS / Italy

Cornelia Bohalteanu – IMRSS /Romania

Esther García – Secretary/ ENSPHO