Invest in a greener and more inclusive human-centred recovery ILO tells World Bank and IMF

ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, has called for urgent action to create decent work in the green, care and digital economies to contribute to a just transition to carbon neutral economies and to prevent inequalities from becoming entrenched.

A transformative package of care policies, based on universal access, could generate close to 300 million jobs, create a pathway for building a better and more gender equal world of work, and ensure that no-one is left behind in the transition to net zero economies, he said.

To encourage a transition where benefits are shared widely and the most vulnerable are supported, the financial sector could deploy several levers, “for example, integrating decent work fully in financial investments, engaging with investees and clients to promote social dialogue, ensuring access to finance for SMEs in green sectors, and robust just transition planning,” he added.