Is it too hot to work? Ask Napo how to beat heat stress!

Climate change is already a reality and the working environment and the safety and health of workers can be compromised.

Workers in many sectors can be affected by increasing ambient temperatures, resulting in heat stress; those most at risk are outdoor workers in agriculture or construction, although indoor workers can also be at risk.

The new clip Napo in…Too hot to work! in the usual humoristic style gives us a hint of what must be done to control heat stress in the workplace and protect workers, such as adapting working hours, increasing hydration, protecting from the sun, etc.

EU-OSHA has also published Heat at work – Guidance for workplaces that provides practical guidance on how to manage the risks associated with working in heat.

Let’s keep cool and beat the heat stress at work, with a little help from our funny friend Napo in…Too hot to work!