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ENSHPO's work on EUSAFE a success.


The EUSAFE Project Final Report has been formally approved, stating the successful conclusion of the Project. The approval was based on an assessment undertaken both by an external expert on behalf of EACEA (The European Commission DG EACEA) and by Agency staff.

The effective involvement of the EUSAFE Partners during the work phase as well as the cooperation given by the Stakeholders during the implementation period have led to the general positive assessment, in particular as regards to both Partnership contribution and Dissemination activities.
As to Partnership contribution, beyond underlining the active involvement of Partners, EACEA has further highlighted the establishment of a communication flow model particularly effective and the development of efficient partnership meetings.
As to Dissemination activities, in which Stakeholders have been strongly involved too, the comment by EACEA has reported as positive the implementation of more than one workshop for dissemination reasons. Furthermore, project outcomes and approaches have been shown during OSH conferences and events which took place both in partner and in stakeholder countries. Evidences and feedbacks have shown that stakeholders have developed interest in the project outputs.
Indeed the project required a strong effort to guide and link various contributions from different players and we faced some challenges along the life of the project to realign objectives, actual outcomes and delivery schedule, however the project has been overall a success and the feedbacks received are encouraging for future developments.

As a matter of fact the Project will be further implemented and outputs will be maintained and used mainly through the future contribution of ENSHPO members, on a voluntary basis without an EACEA funding.

All detailed information, documentation and outcomes relevant to the EUSAFE Project are published on the EUSAFE website: www.eusafe.org