Radio Interview to AIAS President, Mr. Francesco Santi

Talk show on the Communication from the EU Commission on the EU strategic framework on health and safety at work 2021-2027 , promoted by ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development and attended by the AIAS President

AIAS is very committed and keen to communicate with members and the civil society. AIAS has joined ASvis, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development which brings together (the largest in Italy) 290 organizations. ASvis promotes periodic live talks, called “High Sustainability”, at a private broadcaster, and with various stakeholders, for an in-depth analysis on 17 goals for sustainable development promoted by the United Nations.

Recently the President of Aias (Francesco Santi) was invited to a “High Sustainability” session to discuss the recent document of the EU Commission on the Strategic Framework on OHS (see foot note for reference).

The discussion focused on the changing scenario of the world of work in Europe, also due to the COVID19 pandemic, and on the fatality trend reported in the document, considering also the Italian situation.

While the basic principles and the key risks proposed in the Framework (e.g. psychosocial and due to specific hazardous materials, like asbestos), where easily shared, as well as the attention needed for specific sectors (national health systems, agriculture and seasonal workers ), some potential weaknesses of the Framework were identified with room for improvement: in particular the issues related to the “gig economy” and to the world of OHS professionals, as well as a stronger emphasis on the integration between safety, health and sustainability.

However, the President did not fail to praise the positive notes “in 1994 there have been six mortal accidents for every hundred thousand workers. Now there are less than two, although it should be noted that in the last ten years the decline has been very modest. As an association – Francesco Santi commented – we always paid attention to the professional values, but in the UE document there is no true integration between safety, health and sustainability; an approach to safety is proposed as a theme of conflict between employer and worker. Safety and health are not a matter of exchange, but a prerequisite. Work is either safe and healthy or it’s not work ”. Some sharing of the opinions of other ENSHPO members could be interesting and inspirational and AIAS is available for cross communication.

Please find below the link to the talk show: Alta Sostenibilità – La strategia per la salute e la sicurezza della Commissione europea e il contesto italiano (12.07.2021) (