The purpose-driven workforce: Attracting and developing talent to technology’s highest calling

Now more than ever, people want to work on the things that matter in the world. A Harvard Business Review study found that nine out of ten employees would take a pay cut for more meaningful work. And aligning a company’s mission and values with its employees’ sense of purpose is a win-win. A separate McKinsey study found that employees whose company values are activated and aligned with them personally are far more loyal, engaged, and willing to advocate for their employer. Whether you’re the founder of a new start-up or the Chief Purpose Officer of a global conglomerate, it’s more important than ever to assess – and reassess – your company’s purpose. Here are a few evergreen questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is our company’s role in society? How and when do we engage thoughtfully in that question?
  • Do we use our purpose to guide decision-making at the highest levels? Who’s responsible for this, and what mechanisms ensure it happens?
  • Is our purpose clear and straightforward? If we asked employees of various levels what the company’s purpose is, could they articulate it?